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By Travis Mitchell
Guests are users who have not registered with a particular VoterVoices forum. They can view all the information there, but can not post anything or interact with the forum users.

After forum registration, you can post on most of the subforums, you can send private messages to other registered users, and you will begin seeing a 'like' button which will allow you to express support for posts.

The direct registration process only takes about a minute - I discuss registering with pre-existing social media accounts below.

  • Click the 'Create Account' link at the upper right hand corner.
  • Click that you agree to the terms of service.
  • Fill in the three required fields. (Username, e-mail address and password).
  • Identify yourself as a registered PA voter with your first and last name, date of birth, and county of residence.
  • Your identifying information will only be visible to forum moderators, who will use it to check your voter registration status.
  • Answer the simple question to show that you are not a spambot.
  • An email will be sent to the address you specified, open it and click on the link provided. (This step currently turned off.)

Note that you must provide your real name to register. Disallowing anonymity in forums is not uncommon: Facebook, for example, has always had a real names policy. A major influence on the rule here has been the experience of the forums at, which have been successfully run for 20 years. They found early on that requiring real names greatly contributes to a culture of openness and respect, and does not cause problems.

To summarize, full registration requires you provide 6 items, of which only your username is publicly visible:
  1. Username (visible)
  2. Password (not accessible even to site administrators due to encryption)
  3. E-mail address (never visible except to site admins)
  4. First and last name (never visible except to moderators)
  5. Date of birth (never visible except to moderators)
  6. County of residence (never visible except to moderators)

Note: after items 4-6 have been used to verify your voter registration status, the moderators will store the information off-line, and erase the data fields from your online profile.

Logging In With Social Media Accounts

The alternative to direct registration is to click on an icon to login with a social media account. This makes it easy to login, and frees you from having to remember yet another new password and username.

However you will have to adjust your user profile after the initial login. This is because your first social media login will fill in the profile information fields in the following fashion:

  1. Username (taken from social media account)
  2. E-mail address (filled in with fake example)
  3. Password (derived from your social media account, via a cryptographic hash function)
  4. First and last name (not filled in)
  5. Date of birth (not filled in)
  6. County of residence (not filled in)

As a consequence, it will be necessary to go into your user profile to adjust the missing or incorrect information. To do this, click on your username and then on "control panel". Alternatively, use the direct links to the profile screens here and here.

Changing your username to something anonymous is permitted.

If you have questions or suggestions about the process, you can put them in a reply to this topic.

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